We live by a culture of innovation at Lianhetech. Pushing advancement at the frontiers of the chemical industry we work for sustainability, healthier lives, stronger crops and to contribute to products that provide for a higher quality of life. Throughout the entire value chain and product life cycle, Lianhetech’s mission is to develop unparalleled chemical solutions and services to generate unequivocal value for our customers.

Our customers share our drive to meet these needs. Working together, Lianhetech optimizes the route design, process development, validation, scale-up and commercial production to shorten the time-to-market for our customers. We set parameters  and define the operating window, make equipment selections and perform product stability studies. Trial and scale-up plans are also established to guide the next steps of market developments.

From raw materials and intermediates, and their development towards registered APIs, we identify the most robust and competitive process. We operate GMP facilities from small to high volume scale leveraging all technologies. Our professionals’ remain dedicated to discovering new developments, eliminating process inefficiencies, and performing at the highest level of industry standards. Lianhetech’s ability to take an innovative approach to every step of the product life cycle generates true value to the customers.

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Lianhetech’s brand new website is officially launched

19 April 2016

In order to stay closer with end consumers and markets, in 2015, Lianhetech es...

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